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Sustainability @ ORQ

From architecture blueprint to building operations, we make safety, security, occupant comfort, environmental impact and sustainability our priority.

Our buildings’ green features include an outdoor weather station that measures external temperatures to set optimal air conditioning temperatures indoors; condensate water recovery systems for cooling; and green building monitors that track energy and water consumption. Smart technologies such as insulated double-glazed facade curtain glass walls reduce the load on air conditioning systems and help to reduce our impact on the environment.

ORQ recognizes the importance of partnering the community to achieve our green vision. We adopt green leases and green fit-out guides, and work closely with our tenants to ensure that they uphold agreed standards in their fit-out and operations. To reinforce our green efforts, we actively engage stakeholders through our recycling programme, and rally for the community to adopt environmentally responsible practices via our digital platforms.

Our green measures have led us to several recognitions by Singapore’s Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and the Public Utilities Board (PUB):
Sustainability award Singapore

Water Efficient Building Award

Sustainability award Singapore

Green Mark Platinum Award

ORQ green initiative
Air-Conditioning & Energy Consumption
  • A District Cooling System supplies chilled water at scale to ORQ and surrounding buildings to increase efficiency and energy reliability
  • Insulated double glazed facade curtain glass walls reduce ambient heat transmission while allowing natural light to filter through
  • Meters monitor electricity consumption by major mechanical and electrical services and equipment, and alert the Engineering Team for timely intervention when required
  • Outdoor air is pre-cooled before it is channelled indoors
Lifts & Escalators
  • Energy efficient lifts equipped with regenerative drives capture heat generated during use and convert it into reusable energy for the buildings. These lifts also automatically reduce usage during off-peak hours
Smart Technology Singapore
  • Use of daylight to brighten up lobbies and offices, and reduce need for artificial lighting
  • Motion and photo sensors switch on lighting equipment only when required at specific locations
  • Individual switches for separate rooms reduce consumption when lighting is not needed
  • Common open spaces lighting is operated on a schedule controlled by photo sensors and the Building Management System
  • Ductless MV System (Jet Fan System) in all carparks
  • CO Sensor for automatic control of the jet fans
  • Plug-fan AHUs
  • CO2 sensors modulate outdoor air supplied into indoor spaces on demand
Sustainable Building Management System
  • Self-closing system and flow regulators optimise water usage across all taps
  • Auto-sensor system for all water closets in public toilets
  • Meters monitor water consumption
One Raffles Quay Sustainability Programmes

Sustainability Programmes

A structured recycling programme is part of our sustained efforts to care for the environment. Conventional and electronic waste recycling bins are placed in public areas to allow segregation of paper, glass, plastic and general waste, as well as electronic wastes. We also work closely with office and retail tenants to raise awareness and encourage participation in recycling programmes.

Once every quarter, used fluorescent tubes are collected and sent for recycling, while electronic waste is amassed on an annual basis. Aside from the ongoing efforts, we continuously explore new initiatives to reduce, reuse and recycle.

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